Exjum 60000 ppm

Exjum Plus is a modern synthetic prepared, concentrate for Cold chemical sterilization indicated for hospital and ambulatory, completely water soluble.
Equipped with significant amount of active substance.
Destroys all microorganisms without damaging the parts that make up the device treated nor those binders (seals, adhesives, welding, etc.);
Does not deviate the physico-chemical properties of the materials, leaving the surface of the device treated completely clean and without any residue;
Specifically tested on Fiber Optic instruments, even the latest generation in plastic material, usable in endoscope washing machines;
Does not contain peroxide: it ideal for cold chemical sterilization of delicate and high economic value Devices ;
It Has a stability / validity of 36 months unopened and properly stored;
Under the conditions of use is active 15 days.
Dilute preferably with demineralized water;


1,5 Lt

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